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Mission Achievement Destiny Heather Attitude Toward Teaching Everyone to Reach Success (MAD-HATTERS) are merits given for the chores a Knowledge Management Techie Centurion (KMTC) completes on a daily basis. The ultimate responsibility for the value of the merits rest in the hands of the parent/guardian. The responsible agent agrees in writing to honorably render to their children the value of their work. There are 304 chores a KMTC can perform to produces positive behavior or satisfy the desires of the guardian.

A KMTC can earn up to $29.15 per month in merit which will result in he/she reaching their Working Vision Goal (WVG). He/she can also earn credits from the YELP BARCODE system which is provided by the First Responders, City Officials, Clergy, school officials, grandma and grand pa, and local participating entrepreneurs.

MAD-HATTERS are divided into specific chore categories:

  • Chores for the home = 68 chores

  • School = 26 chores

  • Spiritual Awareness Training =29 chores

  • Family Community Brigade Training (FCBT) = 79 chores

  • KMTC Self-Assessment Review = 49 chores that are conducted by child

This concept is copyrighted in the United States of America Library of Congress. Let's get excited about making a difference in helping a child become a productive citizen.

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