Dan "The Driver" McIver AKA Lieutenant Dan 


    LT. Dan aka Dan McIver, a native of Sanford, NC is the proud father of two sons and two daughters and grandfather of eleven grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

    Throughout his life, he cultivated a spirit of entrepreneurship starting at the age of seven, he would go to the tobacco fields of North Carolina and primed tobacco until the tobacco monkey was too hard to carry on his back. But he had a more difficult time picking cotton because cotton would bite you back when you reach for its neck. He also shined shoes on Sunday mornings before church at the local barber shop.

      By the age of nine he became a business man (as a paper boy) he increased his clientele from 110 costumers to 228 clients of which eight senior citizens never had money to pay him. They would give him cookies and sandwiches for payment. In short these wonderful customers were teaching him that a business person must give back to their community for the prosperity that they obtain in a capitalistic economy.

      By eleven years of age, He was employed as a bag boy, cashier, stock boy, butcher, and short order cook at a local white-owned grocery store. A store that caters to the local county black farmers. With this job, he was able to purchase at the age of 12 his own bedroom set. This included a desk, a chair, a lamp and a vinyl floor covering to keep the cold air from coming into the room through the floor. The main reason he bought the complete bedroom set was to keep his sisters from peeing on him at night.

     He brought this concern to his grandmother who told him that if he bought his own bedroom set she would  buy his sisters a bunk bed to sleep in her room. On a cool county morning  a furniture delivery truck made a  light brown dust bowl of dry rain evaporating on a ragged one lane dirt road trail  to my grandmothers home. My Grand mother would not cosign for him to get the bed room set.

    So my employer at Fleming Grocery, a mean looking old white man, six feet 5 ins tall with a authoritaitive  voice and demeanor  cosign for the $225  needed to get my first bed room set.

      At the age of eighteen, and after working eight years at Fleming store  in various positions,  Mr. Fleming asked him what was he planing on doing after high school? ( I was lucky to be friends with the only black school principal grandson. For on one fall evening while playing catch foot ball in no man's land, the principal manicured yard, Mr.  W. B. Wicker ask me and several other boys if we wanted to go to college?  I said yes sir, (for I recalled some of the graduates of my school were drafted and pass away in combat). Less than two weeks later after telling the school principle my desire,  I got a letter in the mail stating I was accepted at A&T College). He informed Mr. Flemmings (his employers) that he was going to college, Mr. Flemmings said: " Mop, I don't think you smart enough to go to college, because my son is having a difficult time in college, and he is white..." I showed Mr. Flemmings the letter of acceptance from A&T College and out of the goodness of his heart, he got me another job at the US post office. Dan McIver was the first black mail clerk in the town of Sanford, NC for three months prior to going to college. Special note: while putting mail in the mail box, He came eye to eye with an old white lady. Her eyes got as big as a silver dollar coin, with fear and disgust in her eyes.and the voice of a person being chased by a mad man, She ran from the mail box in the building hall way, howling at the top of her lungs "There is a nigger back there stealing my mail!", with her mail in her hand, she explained her dismay to the Post Master, who explained to her not to worry, and everything was okay. 


Education is the key to happiness and equality. Racism is interwoven in our society for over four hundred fifty years. It breeds fire of madness and despair in the soul and heart of the host, and simultaneously gives a ghostly hope to overcome the ills of bigotry. Racism is alive and well in the hearts of all across this beautiful, prosperous, promising nation. 


 He served in the military for twenty years as an Infantry Officer retiring in 1992. His first assignment as a second Lieutenant officer in the United States Army was at the White House in Washington, DC. His entire military career has been colorful and controversial. The military is the true melting pot of our society. Oh, the stories he can tell!

In 1988, McIver created Life Force, the Living Vision (LFLV) after seeing undisciplined elementary youth in Columbia, S.C. As a result,  Major McIver passed out over 3,000 flyers and application to the community and immediately, over 800 children participated in the recently formed organization. to create empathetic work ready global citizens.


Today, LFLV has been renamed and transformed into YELP-LV: Youth Entrepreneur Leadership Program - the Living Vision. YELP is now serving several states in the United States. YELPlv is the fisherman of character and is there when it matters most. YELPlv is bringing law and order back to the classroom.an giving every child an equal opportunity to cultivate their God given talents

 Because of the high cost of living, It takes a nation to raise a child.