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YELP-LV Scholarship Fund

YELP-lv Stipend Fund


Each Knowledge Management Techie Centurion (KMTC) student has the opportunity to obtain a $20,000 scholarship upon graduating from high school. The student, or KMTC, must qualify in three specific areas:



Academic Achievement

  • Must be a graduating senior, no issues with the police. or school administration.

  • Must be applying to a four-year university or Technical school.

  • Must have a minimum 3.6 cumulative GPA in High School.


Moral Values

  • Must demonstrate great moral values.


Work Ethic

  • Students must demonstrate a strong work ethic through jobs, community service, or at-home responsibilities.


Freedom is not free, Education is the building block to freedom and a stepping stone to a life of prosperity, happiness, and adventure.










Donate to the Stipend Fund Here: 

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