Work Vision Goals (WVG)


YELP-lv rewards children (Knowledge Management Techie Centurion (KMTC) and parents in the WVG program. Based on the chore tasks he or she has completed determined the amount of  merit buying power each KMTC will collect. There are five types of chores a child can complete. Once the chores have been done, they are logged and  the KMTC earn merits for short term and long term gradufication. 


Every merit  a KMTC  earn can be used to go on YELP-lv field trips, activities purchase products and will make the KMTC  eligible to receive the $20,000 educational stipends. 


















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Office#: (210) 900-9121 / (336)-338-2769


Office: location:  20328 FM 2252, San Antonio TX 78266



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