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"Children's Social Security Plan" (C2s)

Wealth Generational Inheritance Investment Income (WG3i)


     Children's Social Security = Youth Long-range work saving program. This training investment strategy is based on developing the right attitude and skills about becoming leaders and entrepreneurs in a capitalistic system. Working money in your favor to benefit the whole community in reference to the distribution of resources. This program encourages the need to establish positive work ethics at an early childhood stage of development. Thereby a Knowledge Management Techie Centurion (KMTC) will understand the value of being work ready, earning and saving a substantial amount of their income to benefit the whole.

      WG3i will create an attitude that will encourage KMTCs to plan financially for their post-high school educational requirements and develop a lifelong saving attitude that emphasizes living within their means. It is not how much you make, it is how much you keep for a rainy day. YELP-LV participants will clearly understand that working for your needs is more important than living on the safety net opportunities of social entitlements. 


The new American dream is to live a prosperous life and give a child the hope to dream.


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