Community Rewards Coupon (CRC)


  The success of all of us depends on the success of each of us.

    In establishing a community coalition of effort,  the Holistic Attitude  Management (HAM) approach  YELP-lv’s master goals is to reduce the production of Drop-Out Factories in the community which have a negative impact on the high school graduation rate. With the support of a collaborative joint community, through the use of the Community Rewards Coupon (CRC) system, we will reduce crime and  distribute the values, ethics and moral fibers of a loving, caring neighborhood.       YELPLV will train KMTCs to become empathetic, work ready, global citizen to our community.  With YELP-lv’s mission objective, a strong supportive team will accomplish this mission as a family unit. With this CRC mission in the minds of the people, we will remove the apathy, disobedience and disillusionment from the hearts and souls of our most precious, natural resource – our children. 

YELP-lv is the fisherman of character.  The school to prison pipeline will be destroyed and the hopelessness and apathy for our Youth will vanish an be  replaced with a bright radiant light of unlimited opportunities.  Lets Get ER done !