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 Working with the local police and undertaker 

Brian Ferry March 2012


    There are two businesses that truly understand the need to inject discipline (teaching) in every child's heart. These agencies  are the police and the undertaker. The police workd diligently to maintain law and order to keep the children safe . And the Undertaker who get the end results, young inocent bodies on their cooling table. 

   YELPLV tells the police that they are putting PO-PO  out of business. And the good  City, County , and State officers will reply,and tell us that they will help YELPLV put  the PO-PO out of business. Team work and understanding are  the keys to making attitudes adjustment in our community children. It takes a nation to raise a child.

YELPLV is the fisherman of Character






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Latest projects Family Community Brigade Training Coalitation (FCBT)

Susan Smith March 2012


 YELPLV is training Family housing complexes (4,537 KMTC students) on the code of honor, morals and work ethics. Training the Knowledge Management Techic Centurion (KMTC) to become  great citizens reqiures the ability to clearly communicate with the parents. We  teach the parents and children on the  important role that  discipline plays in  cultivating talent.


The success of all of us depends on the success of each of us.




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Our new upgraded  YELPLV application 

Carol Simons March 2012


 It cost you nothing to join YELPLV, but  some blood, sweat and community tears to help you reach the attitude of success. The Family YELPLV application is the very first step in awaking to a new journey in life.

Now we must ask the two basic questions of a child.


The YELPLV family kitchen table is the breeding place for great ideas establishin a strong moral compass and opportunities. 

So Lets get ER done!



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