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School Work Conduct Contract


   We are working in several SAISD schools currently & we are expanding as we obtain volunteers. We intend to serve 100,000 plus KMTC students in the local San Antonio, TX area.


  W2c active road map results in Children being  rated on an hourly basis on their conduct in the classroom, which reduces discipline issues, increase academics, and reduces stress on the teachers

And insures that every child is reading two grade  levels above their present grade level


W2c destroys the school-to-prison pipeline a pathway to a  system of hopelessness. YELP-lv ensures that the educational 4Rs and the moral values necessary to succeed in life on this blue marble called Earth are obtained.

     YELP-LV allows a child to be competitive and dream beyond their immediate circumstance. To have hope for a better tomorrow. 

    KMTC will not be afraid of the future, instead will be energized, and excited about what it brings.


     YELPLV will help you make lemonade out of lemons something positive out of it.

Let's Get-R-Done!

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