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Youth Entrepreneur Leadership Program

The Living Vision

Our mission is to bring law and order to the classroom and reduce the stress on qualified teachers, thereby creating work-ready, emphatic global citizens.

Obtaining greatness through education is fun!

The new American dream is to live below your means and help a child to dream.

What is YELP?

We are a program that fosters success by helping your child learn the value of work through reward-based leadership.

YELP takes youth and invests in their future by instilling moral values, judgement skills, and entrepreneurial skills.


Enrollment is open year-round and children are accepted on a rolling basis.

 Tough Love, Get Involved!


   The time for saying nothing and talking loud is over, reference our children's destiny. As we all know, it takes a nation-community to raise a child. YELP is supported by a host of community volunteers. To be a part of this transforming organization, you can download a YELPLV family application here.


Parents, please do not handcuff YELP's mission to help create work-ready, global citizens. 



Our Vision of Hope


   Our vision is to serve youth by involving them in programs that reward their individual and team efforts in becoming productive, contributing members of society.


We believe each child has a natural gift that society must cultivate in order for him or her to reach success.




Our Mission:


  1. Helping a child to survive and succeed on this blue marble we call Earth


  2. Reduce teachers'  stress level in the classroom (school good work conduct contract [w2c])


  3. Support the community bi-weekly leadership camp 

  4. KMTC $20,000 graduation stipend 

  5. Strategically put the police out of business




The Miracle Workers


  Mr. and Mrs. One No-Body (who are the unsung community heroes)  who support the revolution of community change with their wisdom, effort, commitment, and resources are the lightning rod for an attitude adjustment in a child/community.  


We can give hope to our future generation of leaders and entrepreneurs by training the right values in their development. We will create empathetic, work-ready, global citizens. Teamwork makes the dream work! 




The Living Vision of Hope

YELP is the fisherman of character and it is there when it matters most. A man or woman has never stood tall until they stoop down to help a child. YELP monitors a child 25/7, 365 days a year. YELP is the community social road map to strengthening the moral infrastructure compass, (MISC) of America's character by galvanizing great citizens from the natural gifts of our children. 



Our Heart and Soul

 Good folks act now, for evil to be successful in conquering the heart and soul of our children, all that is necessary is for people to do nothing.

    YELPlv was created in 1988 by  LT Dan, aka Dan McIver after the observation of undisciplined  elementary age youth being raised by teenage mothers and 27 year old grandmothers, put a cold chill in my heart.

   During these unprompted home visits, talking about ways to protect yourself from HIV, it was clear that an adult male figure was absent. And the children needed a nurturing environment of discipline teaching to move forward in becoming empathetic, work ready, global citizens.

   Several of the  young male teens said they believe they would not live to be sixteen years old, so why worry about the future if it is not in the cards of life for them.

   YELP-LV's mission is to help the parent put their childin the top 10% of their life class.


   YELP-LV stepped in to these children mind and change this way of thinking and replaced it with opportunity and hope.


   YELP-LV is the fisherman of character and is there when it matters most

   We created a Structured Discipline Platform that helps our youth establish good manners, values, confidence, and most importantly, hope. Through our programs and events, YELP encourages our youth to develop positive behaviors moral values so they can be a competitive citizen in our economic world.


   One of our strategic goals is to put the PO-PO (police) out of business by fostering a reward-based system with positive reinforcement versus a system based on fear and punishment.


   If you believe your child would benefit from our program, click here to enroll him or her today.


   To read more about  LT. Dan , the founder of YELP-LV,  click.  

Parent Academic Revolution

Obedient Discipline

Education without obedient discipline = socialized DEATH

Our goal to instill obedient discipline in your child by teaching them positive behavior, moral values, empathetic views, and strong leadership skills.

Helping Children to survive and succeed. is a note worthy opportunity.                                                                                  

Success Career formula for a child:  


ACcountability+ Responsibility + Expectation / Knowledge Awareness = A Successful Knowledge Management Techie Centurion (KMTC)


The success of all of us depends on the success of each of us.

Value of Work

Through the Work Vision Goals (WVG), each child will be exposed to their Accountability, Responsibility and Expectation (ARE)  The child will be trained to  have the ability to complete basic / intricate tasks in order to attain pre-determined rewards. This process teaches children how to work for what they want.. No need to lie, cheat or steal, for they have the tools necessary to compete globally.

Reduce Juvenile Crime

By placing your child in this program, you will see a transformation is their behavior. Our goal is keep kids off the streets and out of the jailhouses through positive reinforcement, exposure, and work ethic.

We work on a child's/ parent head space and timing.  

Attitude not your Aptitude  will determine your creative  Altitude. The sky is the limite, only equal to your dreams of greatness.

Better Health Habits

We aim to teach students better health habits by encouraging physical fitness  and prticipating in nutritional  eating in our  daily activities .

"You are what you eat"

Leadership Skills

Through our Work Vision Goals (WVG) and other programs, students are trained to demonstrate leadership qualities in individual and group tasks. 

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