As we all know, it takes a community to raise a child. YELP-lv is supported by a host of community volunteers. To be a part of this transforming organization, you can download a volunteer application here. We are looking for community members to prepare snacks and assist with events for the youth./KMTC



To become actively involved with the children, a national back ground check is required.  So copy and paste the following link into your browser go to the following web site: SAISD. Net volunteer


Register for an account with your email address.  We are also looking for military and law enforcement background to teach discipline, honor, ethics, and respect to others


We believe: If You Work It, It Will Work!



Preconception to career,

YELP-lv's Program accepts children yet unborn  to high school. Our goal is to help youth learn the value of work, reduce juvenile crime and help students acquire scholarship upon graduation from high school. 





$$ Buy YELP-lv 's LV Bucks! $$

Business Owners/ concerned individuals: Your support is needed to ensure that each child has the opportunity to develop entrepreneurial skills. Our goal is teach our youth business skills and we need your help to do it.

 We request that you purchased LV bucks to reduce the  lieing cheating and stealing that damages the company's bottom line


$ LV Bucks$ can be used to augment a childs merits that they receive for doing chores.


Contact us today about opportunities for your business or organization to partner with YELP-lv.

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