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Enroll Your Child in YELP-LV Today!

Do you want your child to be a part of YELP-LV? It's easy to enroll and applications are accepted year-round. It only takes three steps: 1. Application and 2. National Oath of Allegiance

1. Application

Complete the YELP-LV PAR Application here or send any questions to


(This is the first step to becoming a part of YELP!)

2. National Oath of Allegiance


We want every Knowledge Management Techie Centurion (KMTC) student and their parents (yes Parents too!) to learn the YELP-LV Oath of Allegiance. 



1. I am a masterpiece, wonderfully made and valuable because I am worthy of honor.
2. I will stand like a radiant beacon on a hill, brilliantly glowing with service, dedication, and vision.
3. I will value my self-worth, honor my parents, respect others, and render valuable service to my extended community family. 
4. I will never be selfish or greedy, for greed is not honorable for the good of humanity.
5. I will strive for the highest educational achievement, for good health, and physical fitness, and demonstrate the values of good.
6. I will always have the courage to do the right thing even when no one is looking, for the best is yet to come.



Congratulations and honors are warranted for your induction into

YELP-LV  “The Living Vision Inc."

Rite of Passage


   The YELP-LV Rites of Passage is a shared experience transition designed to create the first steps of trust and respect for one another. The cohesive bonding process begins with the Knowledge Management Techie Centurion (KMTC) receiving an Honorary Certificate of Birth to identify to the world that he/she is willing to take on the challenge/responsibility of being a caring, productive world citizen. This process will last for a period of eight weeks; the KMTC will learn the YELP-lv oath, ride in an airplane, train, ship/boat and operate a farm machine. KMTCs will camp out overnight, fish, grow food, make an 8-mile road march, conduct an overland march Take a physical fitness test, learn to play chess, meet several merit completion goal tasks, and take a trip to an amusement park. All these tasks will be used to help a KMTC receive their YELP-lv lifetime Identification personnel jewelry. Get excited about making a difference in a child’s life. Let’s Get –R-Done.

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