Community Raffle

With the high cost of living, It takes a nation to raise a child 

              As a joint community support effort various items  / gifts are presenated to  YELPLV to raffle off at healthy community events to raise funding to help cover the cost of the Work Conduct Contract  (W2i) and  MAD- HATTERS ( Mission Achievment Destiny -  Healthy Attitude Toward  Teaching Everyone to Reach Success) programs. 

       We are not only teaching the flavor of making money  but we expose the KMTCs to the actual sales cycle of production. Bi- weekly food sales are conducted,  Buy a fish and save a child flyers and service /product  booth are managed by the children to generate profitfor the community


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Office#: (210) 900-9121 / (336)-338-2769


Office: location:  20328 FM 2252, San Antonio TX 78266



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