Youth Entrepreneur Leadership Program-the living vision


Mission: To bring law and order to the classroom and reduce the stress on qualified teachers, thereby creating work-ready, emphatic global citizens.


                              Obtaining greatness through education is fun!

The new American dream is to live below your means and help a child to dream.



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YELP-LV Car Wash
YELP-LV Car Wash

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Parent Academic Revolution (PAR)

Our  Strategic goal is:

(1). To bring love ,truth and Order to the classroom

(2). To reduce the stress on our highly qualified, dedicated Teachers.

(3). To help parents place their children in the top 10% of their life-class.

(4). To Strategically put the police out of business by fortifing a child's glide path away from the school to prison pipeline by the design nemesis.

(5).  To provide $40,000 and an Academic Attitude. And not 40 acres and a mule to reach income equality and wealth.


A "life-class" is the group of people that were born on the same day you were, and our goal is the assist your child to excel beyond their peers.

                      If you want to win it ,you have to be in it!








   The time for saying nothing and talking loud is over, reference our children's destiny.

   As we all know, it takes a  Nation community to raise a child. YELP is supported by a host of community volunteers. To be a part of this transforming organization, you can download a YELPLV family application here.


Parents, please do not handcuff YELP's mission to help create work ready, global citizens. 

OUR Vision of Hope


Our vision is to serve youth by involving them in programs that reward their individual and team efforts in becoming productive, contributing members of society.


We believe each child has a natural gift that society must cultivate in order for him or her to reach success.


Our mission is:


1. Helping a child to survive and succeed on this blue marble we call Earth


2. Reduce teachers'  stress level in the classroom (school good work conduct contract [w2c])


3. Support the community bi-weekly leadership camp 


4. KMTC $20,000 graduation stipend 


5. Strategically put the police out of business


 The miracle workers; 


Mr. and Mrs. One No-Body (who are the unsung community heroes)  who support the revolution of community change with their  wisdom, effort, commitment, and resources is the lighting rod to attitude adjustment in a child/ community.  


We can give hope to our future generation of leaders and entrepreneurs by training the right values in their development. We will create empathetic, work ready, global citizens. Team work makes the dream work! 





YELP is the fisherman of character and it is there when it matters most. A man or woman have never stood tall until they stoop down to help a child. YELP monitors a child 25/7, 365 days a year. YELP is the community social road map to strengthening the moral infrastructure compass, (MISC) of Americas' character by galvanizing great citizens from the natural gifts of our children. 



Who cares enough to make a difference in your child's life?

We do!

L:isten to Lieutenant Dan talk

about YELP - LV

"Attitude, Not Aptitude, creates great altitude in a child's future!" 


Enroll Your  Child


If you want your child to learn the value of work through reward-based leadership, enroll your child today in a program that fosters success.


YELP takes youth and invest in their future by instilling moral values, judgement skills, and entrepreneurial skills.


Enrollment is open year-round and children are accepted on a rolling basis.


YELP's National Oath 
(parents and children must learn)
1a) I am a masterpiece, wonderfully made and valuable because I am worthy of honor.
1b) I will stand like a radiant beacon on a hill, brilliantly glowing with service, dedication, and vision.
1c) I will value my self-worth, honor my parents, respect others, and render valuable service to my extended community family. 
1d) I will never be selfish or greedy, for greed is not honorable for the good for humanity.
1e) I will strive for the highest educational achievement, for good health, physical fitness, and demonstrate the values of good.
1f) I will always have the courage to do the right thing even when no one is looking, for the best is yet to come.
HOOAH! I received, I understand, I will comply.