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COMMITTEES: Economic Development; Local & Consent Calendars; Public Health

April 13, 2001

TO: Parties Concerned

The plan by Life Force “The Living Vision” to establish training cells for the youth of House District 120, initially utilizing the Barbara Jordan Community Center, is one that I can enthusiastically endorse as the State Representative for the area. For several decades now, the East Side has witnessed a deterioration of businesses and residences. Starting with the young people in our community to instruct them on how to turn their dreams into positive reality will put us one step closer to realizing the goal of revitalizing this section of the city.

The East Side is historically distinguished by supporting a number of diverse cultures. The Life Force “The Living Vision” project, combined with a growing number of economic developments such as the new senior citizen residence development and the Carver Community Cultural Center sets a promising course for the future of this area. It is essential that significant effort be made in order to enjoy the benefits of being an integral part of our community as it is restored to a higher level of economic competitiveness.

This project is particularly significant owing to the segment of our population that will be served. There is a definite need for visionary approaches to providing positive reinforcement for our youth. It is my opinion that the proposed project will assist in economically, socially, and politically enhancing the lives of our East Side citizens.

It is with a great sense of duty and pride that I endorse this project and encourage the cooperation and participation of all who are in a position to assist in our efforts to reach the youth of our city.


Ruth Hones McClendon

State Representative, District 120

District Office: 403 S. W.W. White, Suite 210-San Antonio, Texas 78219-(210) 225-2107 Fax (210) 333-7700

Capitol Office: P.O. Box 2910-Austin, Texas 78768-2910-(512) 463-7071

Email: – 1-800-618-2785

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