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Knotts Funeral Home

LFLV is Helping children to survive and succeed, Knotts Funeral Home is providing administrative support to LFLV. The owner of Knotts Funeral Home truly understands the cycle of life and the importance of children having a strong understanding of the value of life. Her profession physically and emotionally reveals this logical reality on a daily bases. For she sees first hand the final outcome of a lack of honorable, caring, patient preparation in monitoring our most treasured resource,our children. LFLV stands for LIfe Force "The Living Vision' Inc. a 501c3 , non profit, tax exempt organization, established in 1988. LFLV primary mission is to: Reward children for positive behavior and who's goals is to put the PO-PO (police) out of the children rearing business. (special note: Captian Hendley, of the Sanford police department, looked me, (aka, The Driver), in the eye with a strong hand shake and stated, "If you can put me out of business, I am willing to support your mission any time"). LFLV's primary business location/office (a mobile headquarters) is inside the cab of a 1948 chev pick up truck, but we are looking for a space to operate. LFLV looks forward to the opportunity of serving this wonderful community.

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