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Waffle House Inc. and Sanford’s first Responders help create great citizens

Your dreams are your ticket out!! Children must not only understand the value of a simple honest day of wholesome work, they have to feel and taste the physical and emotional time value place on working for your community. With the continued assistance of Waffle House and the Sanford First responders, a training zone on values is meticulously being forged to educate young adults the glory and prestige of working positively for the betterment of the community. Children are facing this reality with direct, hand-on knowledge. This exposure to the blood, sweat and tears of work and setting goals, cultivate a respect for the value of work. Children begin to analysis for themselves the value of pursuing a greater education and maintaining a strong physical fitness presents. This is the first step in a child’s understanding of the simple survival proclamation “How am I going to do to feed myself and my future family in this life’s journey”. By physically being exposed to the reality of work, at a young age, children are learning the pureness of sharing labor and time for the betterment of the community. This Shared experience in working together create a lasting bond of trust and respect that the whole community will benefit and provide a child the ability to dream.

The foundation of the North Carolina Central Coalition (NCCC) which is presentably composed of two community focused organizations; Dreams Have wings (DHW) and Life Force “The Living Vision Inc. (LFLV), a 501c3, non-profit organization are working hand-in- hand to make a difference in a child’s life. We are teaching a child the life survival skills needed to compete in this socioeconomic global society located on this beautiful blue marble call Earth. The NCCC is communicating with various progressive organizations, respectively agencys that have a deep out-reach involvement into the community, i.e., (LeeCan Inc, Waffle House Inc, Knotts Funeral Home, Walmart Inc, etc.). The development of a stronger coalition will make the general public (Mr. and Mrs. One On Body, the unsung community heroes) more committed and aware of the community support systems available to them to better their circumstance. Special note : Waffle House Inc., is strategizing events with NCCC to rise funding to help KMTCs go to college, Hooah!!!

A direct imperative of NCCC is to help hard working, dedicated children reach their dream. NCCC has identified several young adults who want to be doctors, entrepreneurs and nurses. (There is no honorable job to small/ unbearable that NCCC will not pursue to help a child, be all that they can be, we wash cars every Saturday and sale cookies and candy to help a Knowledge Management Techie Centurion (KMTC) child to be the leaders of tomorrow and reach their destiny). They have the desire to work hard (based on their academics), the Attitude and the Aptitude to meet the challenge, but funding is a issue at hand. NCCC is determined to orchestrate the necessary resources to catapult these young adults in their chosen vocation, position to help this community grow healthy from the fruit of it’s own communal support structure. NCCC also believe that a mind is a terrible asset to waste. NCCC with the dedicated help of a committed community, will double check to make sure that no child is left behind. NCCC will earnestly orchestrate bridging the gap to our youth’s bright and unlimited future, all we need is your honorable volunteering support, So Folks, Let’s Get-ER-Done!!.

For more information contact at LFLV 336-541-4579 or _______________ review web site www. or email or________________ or___________________. It takes an honorable nation to raise a child.

Caption for picture: Waffle House employees and children of LFLV and DHW working hand-in-hand to better their circumstance for a better life.

First responders provide their continued support of bridging the gap in the community by having the Knowledge Management Techies Centurion (KMTC) wash their Police cursors. Thanks for the help Mr. OP-OP!!

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