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Sanford’s First Responders Bridge the Communication Gap in the Community

A community celebration to honor the W.B. Wicker School heritage and to acknowledge the important of the US Census count was a resounding success on 10 April 2010. Two primary participants in this event were the City’s first responders, the Sanford Police Department and the Sanford Fire Department. After a brief repartee with Captain Jason Hendley of the Sanford Police department on LFLV’s goal top put him out of the children rearing business, He looked me in the eye with a strong hand shake and said “If LFLV can put me out of this business, I will do all I can to help you put me out of this business”. As a man of his word, he provided the police mobile headquarters for the community to see.This event also afforded numerous young people and their parents the opportunity to become familiar with Life Force "The Living Vision" Inc. (LFLV), a 501 C3.

The program is designed to help youth/families survive, succeed and become productive caring citizens; and $$ pay$$ youth for doing daily chores while investing in their integrity.

One very interesting event happened as a group of kids and their mothers reached the police (PO-PO) van. LFLV made the announcement that the police officer, officer Herring will give a briefing of the facility. As soon as LFLV stated that the police was in the Van, A four year old boy turn around and ran as fast as he could away from the police van, Officer Herring told young boy that he was there to protect him. Coupled with the assurance of the mother, the young child replaced his fear with a smile and ran all over the van. His mother admitted that she on occasion would tell her children (three boys and one girl) that “if you do not behave I will call the police”, thus, instilling fear of the policeman in her children. Coming face to face with the police volunteers, the children now know that the policeman is their friend—a “great job” officer Herring, these kids will not run away from you.

The Sanford Fire Chief the Honorable Wayne Barber, who was in the middle of a demanding county emergency exercise with FEMA, saw the need to be a visible and active part of the community. And from his busy schedule took the time and resources to provide personal and equipment to the celebration. Children and parents were all over the fire engine and asking questions that had practical application to their curiosities.

One of the interesting events at the ceremony was the Rocky’s Boxing Company (for competition or fitness, 319 Wicker St). They demonstrated the mental discipline, physical fitness and how to develop the necessary skills for self protection. Several mothers took application to learn how to box for themselves. The kids had a great time boxing in the large boxing gloves against the professional boxing instructors. The Rockys Boxing manager is working on establishing a tutor/ computer lab for kids to use while working out in the Gym, great vision Mr. Rocky. Face painters also participated and added additional excitement to the day.

Supporters of this event were: Brick Capital Inc, Knotts Funeral Home, and Domino’s Pizza, Life Force The living Vision Inc (LFLV), Wal Mart, Auto Zone Inc, Rookie Boxing Inc Mr. and Mrs. Susan Brooks, Retired Army LTC Peggie Joyner, Mr. John Howard and Mr. Terry Tyson

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