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LFLV - Helping kids to survive and succeed 2008 briefing

Hi National board of LFLV of Governors (Trustees).

On 27 Sept 08

LFLV and three community churches had a joint community program Called Project food and Warmth". We gave free food and clothing and we had a LFLV picnic. We had over 350 families participate. And We got over 400 kids parents sign up to be a part of LFLV. (At this time all funding for LFLV is coming out of my pocket, we do have a few PhD folks looking for grants for LFLV, if you know of folks who would like to help- get them on board to assist this non -profit children organization. LFLV is all tax exempt on your income tax reporting so give a few thousand dollars (LOL)).

PS# 1 This program is ready to take off , I would like to have you on board for the terrific , wonderful ridge, But you will have to be up to the challenge. If you feel this too much for you to handle and desire to terminate your participation I understand. You are the invisible foundation to this children program. God Bless your decision.

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