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Local counties working together under a coalition banner of mutual support to help children SURVIVE

Life Force "The Living Vision" (LFLV) Inc was respectfully invited to attend the Harnett- Sampson County workforce development Conference. The theme of the conference was: A step in the right direction for youth". One of the major attraction was the presentation by Mr. William Johnson from the Lee county Boys and girls Club. a brief motivational introduction of Mr. Johnson was introduced by the LFLV Volunteer representative called the "The Driver".

The basic premise of the introduction was to inject a shock effect technique into the student audience with these simple words. "IF you do not know who you are ,you will not go far". after this awaking introduction , A local police officer, heroically escorted an disrespectful , ill mannered, smart mouth, bad boy with his pants dragging below his buttock into the room. This defiant, incarcerated prisoner dress in an pungent orange prison outfit with steel shackles on his arms and feet was almost carried into the room, He could hardly move his body, but he moved his disrespectful mouth embarrassing the class instructors. This dynamic, self degrading depiction of a man with limited physical freedom and little self control to his person brought a chilling silent gasp of desperate air from the spirit of the student audience.

During the this awesome, terrifying presentation, a student was so moved by the realization and the remembrance of living issues in his present life, cause him to cry and leave the room. As a casual observer you could see that there was a signifent impact on this student. Mr. Johnson was in his prisoner character during the whole presentation. And at the conclusion of this authentic monologue, a young female student asked Mr. Johnson this question,"Sir how long have you been out of prison?" This brief , realistic encounter with this youthful audience had a major, positive impact on the students desire to focus on their education, thereby working to obtain skills to be productive citizens in out great society. Some of the key Person present were : Mr. William Johnson, Lee county Boys and Girl Club; The Driver from LFLV; Mrs. Charlotte Leach-Edward, Harnett County youth coordinator; Ms. Gisela Martinez and Ms. Geraldine Meadows from Lee county WIA youth program case manager division and several other distinguished guest.

Mr. Johnson's theatical point was stated dramatically clear, stay out of trouble and get the very best education you can so that you can complete on a level playing ground in this global economy. It takes a nation to raise a child, and the attending North Carolina collaborating counties are doing more than their fair share. So lets get excited about making a difference in a child's life and GET-R-DONE!!.

LVLV Naval Base Field Trip

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