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Waffle House Inc. - Letter of Appreciation

Waffle House Inc. July 24, 2010

Attn: Mr. Cannel, Unit Manager

Horner Blvd Sanford, NC 27330

Subject: Letter of Support and Appreciation.

Dear Mr. Cannel,

Your inspirational support is a key element in accomplishing our mission to help a child ( and estimated 40,000 plus children become entrepreneurs ) in this area reach his/her dreams ; become an active community leaders and above all, become a good honorable citizens. Waffle House Inc. has on several occasion volunteers its unselfish dedication to the vision of these two organizations (Dreams Have Wings (DHW) and Life Force “The Living Vision” Inc, (LFLV)), who, along with you are dedicated to showing children the right way to go to be a productive person in their life’s journey . DHW and LFLV primary goal is to help children to survive and succeed in this global, economic world society. And our secondary goal is to put the PO-PO, (police) out of the child rearing business. Your resources (be it, man hours, chicken breast, hamburger, bread buns, ice and condiments, etc), will tremendously help us meet our mission. And your dedicated willingness to support future community events is a testament to the strong, visionary leadership of your organization. Your wiliness to provide resources will insure that all our endeavors to help children to become good citizens will become a reality.

As a means of showing our appreciation (we put your establishment in all local papers showing continued dedicated support, see attached article) for a job will done, and letting the community know, what great folks you are to the community. We call your support the, Mr. and Mrs. One No Body (the community hero, who take the lead in positive change) who is willing to step outside their comfort zone and help a child vision beyond their circumstance. Let’s Get- ER-Done!!


Dan McIver, CEO of LFLV Inc.,( a 501c3 organization)


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